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This page is a collection of tutorials and "how to's" on an assortment of topics ranging from Apple hardware and software to third party software.

If you have something you would like to share, please send it to our . A good tip before doing so is to re-read what you wrote, then do it yourself, so that the technique is verified or tested before submission. Thanks! We add to this list as material is submitted, so check back often.

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Photoshop Tutorials

General How-To's

  • Tutorials on the basics of iCloud and iOS devices. Learn through the online tutorials available through the Goodwill Community Founation.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Learning a few keyboard shortcuts instead of always reaching for the mouse can save time and is often more convenient. (240kb pdf)
  • Passwording AppleWorks Documents - Did you know that you can easily password individual documents in Appleworks? Here is how to do it. (76kb pdf)
  • Clippings in Apple Works - AppleWorks comes with a set of clippings on every imaginable topic. Not only that, but you can go out on the Internet and download even more clip art. (196kb pdf)
  • Greeting Card Templates - Use AppleWorks to make greeeting cards, using a template described here. (112kb pdf)
  • iTunes - Everything you ever wanted to know about how to make iTunes jump through the hoops. (388kb pdf)
  • Volume Logic in iTunes - Volume Logic is shareware which manages the loudness level in single tracks. (88kb pdf)
  • MuchoThumbs - MuchoThumbs is an application to create an index page with links to full size pictures in just a few easy steps. (224kb pdf)
  • Searching Multiple PDFs - One of the best things about Acrobat Reader is that it lets you search not only the current PDF, but a folder full of PDFs, or every PDF on your hard drive. Here is how. (156kb pdf)
  • Macintosh Name & History - Where does the name Macintosh come from? Here is the dope, including crest and badge pictures. (196kb pdf)
  • Favorite Dashboard Widgets (360kb pdf)
  • PDF Services (116kb pdf)

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