CMUG ∴ Joining In

CMUG just happens to be made up of an extremely diverse membership (tech professionals, educators, students, home users, farmers, college professors, well... ask, and they are probably here) and we like to help each, that's what we are all about. Would you expect less from the computer that brought the world the term "user-friendly?"

Joining CMUG

It's as easy and user friendly as the computer you use...

  • To learn more about becoming a CMUG member:
  • Call CMUG at 541-754-CMUG (2684)
  • E-mail us at our CMUG
  • Visit us at one of our monthly meetings
  • Annual Membership Cost
  • Local Member $36*
  • Out of Area Member $33*

To become an official CMUG member, send us your name, address, and email address, along with your check of $36 or $33 (see below) via Postal (classic mail) to:

  • CMUG Business Office
  • 4395 NW Elmwood Drive
  • Corvallis, OR 97330
  • (541) 754-CMUG (2684)
Annual Membership

Begins on the date of your payment of $36, and gives you a variety of benefits, including CMUG's monthly 24+ page electonic news magazine Mouse Droppings. We have many members outside of "visiting range" for our monthly meetings who still become members just to receive Mouse Droppings, join our Help list, and qualify for our member discounts), $30 per year, including members in other states...even countries!

The CMUG email Help List

The CMUG Help list is a place to post questions and answers. Unless you already know all the answers, you should be using CMUG's Help List. On second thought, if you do know all the answers you REALLY should be using it. Then you could join the others helping fellow CMUGers with their Mac questions.

The Help List use Maillist, which provides a web interface for subscribing and other management functions.

Use this link for the Help List:

    To join/subscribe to the Help List:

Go to the link above and fill in your information under the 'Subscribing' heading
Enter your email address AND your name
NOTE: you MUST include your NAME (even thought it says "optional", it is NOT optional)

You should ignore the first item concerning CMUG-help Archives - at this time there are no archives.
You can also ignore the Pick a password option it will not effect your use of our lists.

    To unsubscribe the list:

Go to the link above and at the bottom of the page is a place where you can unsubscribe.