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Apple, Inc

Mac News & eCommntary

  • MacWorld Magazine - The first major Macintosh devoted magazine (launched in 1984, monthly) is now online. A good place for review and features.
  • Mac|Life Magazine - Popular magazine that just about started the "CD with your magazine" bundle, offering a new CD each month. Wacky, wild and most certainly pro-Mac. Some how-to's, also. A good one to check out.
  • TUAW - "The Unofficial Apple Website", top notch news with a personal touch.
  • Cult of Mac - Apple centric news, general tech.
  • Daring Fireball - by John Bruber; Links to articles, commentary. Baseball and movies, too!
  • TidBits - Oldest continuous running Apple centric website. Subscribe to weekly newsletter to get news of latest software updates, Apple news. Great articles. Also home to the highly recommended "Take Control" books.
  • - Apple centricnews, update announcements with general Tech news items also.
  • MacWorld OSX Hints - Direct link to the"OSX HInts" column of MacWorld Magazine.
  • Paul Ruffle - Astronomer Paul Ruffle's site with lots of OSX tips and terminal hacks. A bit geeky, but interesting.
  • Mac Rumors - Latest tech and products, with a forum where you can discuss problems and/or buying decisions.

Help & Tutorials via Online Videos

  • MacMost videos - Lots of videos on Mac and iOS. Includes access to transcripts of the videos.
  • - Good video tutorials on lots of Mac and iOS software. Fee based membership.
  • - Don McAllister does many screencasts of various apps in the Mac and iOS world. Also has an iPad based magazine with articles and videos. Fee based membership.
  • - Just use the search to find all kinds of pro and amateur videos on many Mac and iOS apps, tips,and tricks.


All podcasts can be subscribed to on iTunes and are found in most search engines in many iOS podcast apps.

  • The Talk Show - John Gruber and guests - Mule Radio Network
  • Amplified - Jim Dalrymple and Dan Benjamin - 5 by 5 Network
  • MacBreak Weekly - Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsey, guests - TWIT network
  • Mac Power Users - David Sparks and Katie Floyd and guests - 5 by 5 Network
  • MacWorld - Chris Breen and various MacWorld writers/editors -
  • MacGeek Gab - Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun - can get pretty nerdy, but lots of good info and tips -
  • MacCast - One of the first and oldest continuously running podcasts, for Mac geeks by Mac geeks - Adam Christianson -

Corvallis and Oregon

  • The City of Corvallis - The city's official site to see why this mid-Willamette Valley college town is such a special place. Even locals might find something new here.
  • Oregon State University - The home of the Beavers, and a pretty good agricultural school. This is the place that put Corvallis on the map.
  • Corvallis & Benton County Library - Visitors rave about our library, and for good reasons. A very modern but cozy place to snuggle up with a good book. Or log on to the 'net. The library uses PCs...but we still love them.
  • The Corvallis Mac Store - Corvallis' only Apple-only vendor, and a longtime loyal supporter of CMUG. Need to see an iMac for yourself, test out a G3 or feel the beauty of a PowerBook? Then drop into the place that has it all Macintosh.
  • Powell's Book Store - Yes, the big one in Portland. BEFORE Barnes & Noble. Hmmm, I wonder if they still have "Green Eggs & Ham?"
  • Darkside Cinema - The "alternative" movie house in downtown Corvallis where you can catch the non-mainstream offerings (like foreign films) as well as the popular. This link takes you to their monthly calendar.
  • Oregon Parks -Parks around the great state of Oregon. Something we are well-known for, and proud of. Keep 'em green & clean.
  • PEAK - An ISP provider that teaches, and is a great resource for education. A home-grown startup company that was a part of Oregon State University in the beginning.